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Report 2014
Last Update 
Due to a better second half of the year, the turnover of the Italian jewellery industry displayed in 2013 an increase by 7.4%, mostly supported by exports that have recorded a 7.8% growth. The United Arab Emirates, with +30% are again the first export market, thanks also to the decrease in transfer of jewels and scraps to Switzerland, that is now at the second place. Exports to the USA (+2,9%) and the UK (+2,8%) are on the growth, though at a lower rate than last year, whilst difficulties have continued to appear in the major markets in the Euro-area (France -2,4%, Germany -10,5% and Spain -13,7%). Hong Kong and China, because of their further improvement in 2013, are respectively at the fith and sixth place among the major destinations of jewellery exports. Therefore, the Italian jewellery industry seems to have managed to capitalize on the global demand that has emerged following the decrease of the highest prices of the precious metals.